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Everyone deserves the hope of a future

Slavery exists today

Approximately 46.9 million people are bought and traded as commodities worldwide. Victims are lured with the promise of a better life only to be exploited by their traffickers, forced into prostitution and trapped in a cycle of dependency with no apparent path to freedom.

Victims who manage to escape, face significant obstacles. Often, survivors face challenges in finding work due to incomplete education, a lack of formal work experience, and the impact of complex trauma. Securing employment is a crucial step toward breaking the cycle of exploitation.

Quick trafficking stats

$150 B

USD industry

2.5 M

new victims each year


women and children

*Statistics from International Labour Organization (ILO)

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Change someone's future — today

Our mission is to end exploitation and empower survivors of sex trafficking, guiding and supporting them on their journey toward a life that's independent, dignified, and free.

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With your support, we provide essential educational training, help secure job placements, and offer continuous support that truly impacts lives.

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Education & Integration

Empowering survivors for the Israeli workforce through a 3-month professional course.

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Job Placement

Facilitating meaningful employment and ensuring ongoing success for employers and employees.

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Providing 2 years of continuous support from course initiation, job placement, and beyond.

A woman holds a bright orange Kitepride bag in front of her smiling face

KidePride, our fashion social enterprise, offers safe employment opportunities for survivors of prostitution and human trafficking by crafting beautiful upcycled bags in our secure working environment.

Our dedicated team of social workers is present during all working hours to offer any emotional and psychological support needed, ensuring that survivors have access to comprehensive care as they reenter the workforce.

Each bag is meticulously designed and sewn by survivors of trafficking, providing them with valuable skills and financial independence. We repurpose materials like kitesurfing kites, sails, parachutes, and wetsuits, diverting them from landfills and creating a positive environmental impact.

Since 2018, we've created over 42,000 one-of-a-kind bags and repurposed nearly 20,000 kites, sails, and wetsuits. By collecting donated gear from around the world, we can reduce waste and offer survivors meaningful and purposeful employment. Our goal is to create a second chance for both people and materials; we provide a safe and dignified workspace, pay respectful living wages, and save as many materials as we can from landfills.

How it started

We don't need pity, we need jobs!"

This powerful statement ignited the journey that led to the creation of Hope Center Israel and its partner social enterprise, Kitepride.

Inspired by an unforgettable conversation with a victim of sex trafficking in 2011, Co-founder Tabea's passion for seeking justice for this marginalized community was sparked. In 2014, Tabea and Mati, along with their family, relocated to Tel Aviv, Israel. There, they co-founded Hope Center Israel, a local Israeli non-profit, and Kitepride, a social enterprise–united by their mission to assist individuals in breaking free from the cycle of sex trafficking and exploitation through job reintegration.

Tabea's life journey is characterized by a tireless commitment to justice and freedom. Born to Swiss parents in 1977, she spent her formative years in Papua New Guinea, fostering a deep connection to diverse cultures and languages. After two decades in Switzerland, building her career, marrying Mati, and becoming a mother of three, her encounter with a victim of sex trafficking set her on a new course.

Reflecting her passion for authenticity, Tabea shares her journey and experiences in a raw, real, and relatable way in her book "#nofilter". She encourages readers to embrace their unique journeys and pursue their dreams relentlessly even when it doesn’t look like the “highlight reels” we see online. Through her work and writings, she inspires others to take action and make a difference in their communities, emphasizing the importance of leveraging individual talents for positive change.

Tabea travels extensively to speak about her book and raise awareness about the impactful work of Hope Center Israel and Kitepride. Through her talks, she educates audiences about the realities of modern-day slavery and human trafficking, inspiring action towards combating these issues and encouraging individuals to discover their own passion and calling.

Meet our CEO

Adi Oz

Adi Oz, CEO of Hope Center since 2023, held a distinguished career in journalism, spanning three decades, including roles as editor-in-chief of leading Israeli magazines like ‘Time Out Tel Aviv’ and ‘AT Magazine’. In 2007, her impactful reporting on women in prostitution prompted significant government policy changes, leading to the launch of Israel's first inter-ministerial program addressing the issue. Adi's advocacy extends beyond journalism.

She played a pivotal role in founding the non-profit organization "LO OMDOT MINEGED" (Not Standing By) and served as a board member for five years. She holds a bachelor's degree in sociology, anthropology, and theater, along with an MBA, bringing extensive expertise to her role at Hope Center in empowering survivors of exploitation.

CEO Adi Oz
Adi Oz